How Long Does Tzatziki Last

How Long Does Tzatziki Last – We have the answer and some easy tips for storing made-from-scratch tzatziki in your fridge!

how long does tzatziki dip last on the counter

The smooth and creamy flavor of homemade tzatziki brings balance to Mediterranean foods like gyro, souvlaki, and falafel and it’s simple enough to enjoy as a dip (you have not lived until you’ve tried tzatziki with French fries!).

With so much going for it, you will want to make your dip last as long as possible, but what’s the best way to store it and how long does tzatziki last?

How Long Does Tzatziki Last in the Fridge?

Tzatziki dip is full of smooth and cool flavors like cucumbers and Greek yogurt and/or sour cream, so naturally, this cool dip likes things cold. The dairy in this dip makes it prone to spoilage when not properly chilled. That is why storing tzatziki in the fridge is essential when it’s not actively being consumed.

Keep left over homemade tzatziki in an airtight container (As always, we love these glass containers with locking lids for storing all of our dips).

Properly sealed, tzatziki will last in the fridge for up to 3 days.

How Long Does Tzatziki Last on the Counter?

All perishable dips, like our Tzatziki with Sour Cream, need special attention when it comes to serving them. Since this creamy dip is a cold dip, it should be served cold — you can’t leave it on the counter or party table for an extended period of time.

Tzatziki can be kept on the counter for up to 2 hours.

This timeframe does not apply to this dip, or any dairy-based dipped that is served outside. In that case it should left out at an hour, at most.

We recommend using ice-chilled dip bowls that are made specifically for keeping cold dips chilled when serving. These bowls extend the amount of time dips made with sour cream and other dairy products can be left out. Plus, cold dips taste better chilled!

Another option for keeping cold dips chilled longer is by filling a large bowl with ice and then nesting the smaller dip container in the ice bath.

By using either of these methods, you can extend the dip life up to 4 hours on a counter or party table (2 hours if serving outside).

After this time, return leftover dip to the fridge, once again, sealed in an airtight container.

tzatziki in bowl with pita bread on the side

How to Tell if Tzatziki Has Gone Bad?

Tzatziki is extremely perishable due to the amount of dairy, so you always want to watch out for any signs of spoilage or loss of quality.

Dips that have gone bad might be excessively runny or watery (a small amount of liquid is fine as long as it hasn’t been left in the fridge for more than 3 days), have an unpleasant smell, have changes in color, or have mold. If your dip has any of these signs, throw it out immediately.

Even if your dip looks fine after 3 days, we always throw it out. While it might not make you sick, the dip will lose consistency and flavors and it doesn’t take a lot of time or effort to whip up a new batch!

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